Connections are a lot like fittings, they bring things together and make life work a little better.  Good connections are important.  That is why Metal Craft Supplies wants every fitting you purchase to be the right connection – for your project!

Metal Craft Supplies:  Specializing in Metal Fittings, manufactured in North America.

Metal Craft Supplies:  Quality, North American made Fittings, Pipe, Extrusions and Flat Stock available to everyone.  Industrial Products for Industrial Projects no matter how big or small.

Heavy Industry:  Water Works, Energy, Boat Building, Tank Fabrication, Permanent Scaffolding.

Light Industry:  Fabrication Shops, Small Craft, Gates, Storage, Film, Set Dec, Scenery, Stage Craft, Costume Props.

Home Businesses: Art, Crafts, Sculpture, Furniture, Storage, Lighting….

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