Aluminum Couplers x 3 Wall Thicknesses

Did you know that aluminum couplers are available with three wall thicknesses?

  • Standard, NPT
  • 1-1/2 x Standard, NPT
  • 2 x Standard, NPT

also available in:

  • Socket Weld
  • NPT x Socket Weld
  • Reducing

All three wall thicknesses have internal threads with a 150# rating. All three are cut from 6061-T6 Seamless Aluminum. And, all three have great weldability. But, which one to choose?

Standard Wall Couplers are commonly used in small tanks. Consider these fittings for low pressure rated tanks (pressures under 150 psi).

2 x Standard Wall Couplers are known by several names. 3000# couplers, Sch 80 couplers, extra heavy couplers… The 3000# is a misnomer. Aluminum threads, cut into 6061-T6 fittings are good for working pressures of up to 150 psi. To make these extra-heavy wall couplers capable of standing up to higher pressures the coupler must first be welded and then the weld can be tested to the higher pressure rating. Sch 80 pipe can be used with all three wall thicknesses – they are all cut to accommodate the outside diameter of standard schedule pipe sizes.

1-1/2 x Standard Wall Couplers are not only in an in-between size, they are economical! When you need a fitting that is heavier than Standard but you don’t need the full 2 x Wall…. This is the one to choose. The wall is thick enough that you can weld them in and have them tested to a higher pressure rating than the Standard wall and you don’t have the bulk of the 2 x Wall. These couplers are also excellent for use as thru-hulls fittings.

… and, if you need something that doesn’t have thread or that reduces, we can usually get that for you! We specialize in getting the custom cut fittings that you need for your jobs.

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