1/4″ Sch 40, 6061-T6

Small diameter aluminum pipe can be thought of as a casualty of hard times.  When new builds are not on the books and even maintenance is being put off, for the time…  small diameter aluminum pipe, and other extrusions, can disappear from the workplace and even from the mills.

Why?  Weight.

A mill order is generally calculated by weight.  This is easy when the pipe is a significant size: 2″ or 3″ pipe is easy to find, hence, a relatively realistic purchasing weight is available for those wanting to place mill orders.

This realistic weight is usually in the 1,000 lb. range.  When we start talking about the smaller diameter pipe though, the mill order quantity does not go down.  It remains at 1,000 lbs.  This means that 300 to 400 lengths of 1/4″ pipe have to be ordered.  That is a lot of linear feet!  When sales are slow, this is not a realistic number and, this is why the big suppliers of pipe are not always willing to carry the smaller diameters.  Depending on the market, it can take too long to sell the mill quantity or, translated, the accountants are often unhappy with mill order quantity purchases of small diameter pipe.


Our first Mill Order of 1/4″, Sch 40, 6061-T6 pipe (we did not ask our accountant about this!) is due to arrive the week of December 11, 2017.

We are accepting requests for quotes and pre-orders for both the Pipe and Pipe Nipples (NPT).

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