Bullet or Weld Hinges: Information, Specifications & List Prices

BULLET HINGES (aka Weld Hinges):  il_fullxfull-1297221913_8g6b

The link below opens a spreadsheet that has some of the specifications – and answers some of the most common questions that, over the years, we have been asked.  How much?  How long?  OD?  If we have missed something that you need to know, please let us know….

Bullet Hinges – Spec Sheet with List Prices  –  Please Not that List Prices can change without notice, please contact us for a quote.

To purchase now, please visit us at:   www.MetalCraftSupplies.Etsy.com



These Hinges are available in a variety of alloys including aluminum, plain steel and stainless steel.  Selected sizes of the plain steel hinges are available with a removable pin.  Selected sizes of the aluminum and plain steel hinges are available with grease fittings.



Whether you are a reseller or an end user, for discounts, availability and shipping information, please contact us at

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