Connections are a lot like fittings, they bring things together and make life work a little better.  Good connections are important.  That is why Metal Craft Supplies wants every fitting you purchase to be the right connection – for your project!

Metal Craft Supplies:  Specializing in Metal Fittings, manufactured in North America.

Metal Craft Supplies:  Quality, North American made Fittings, Pipe, Extrusions and Flat Stock available to everyone.  Industrial Products for Industrial Projects no matter how big or small.

Heavy Industry:  Water Works, Energy, Boat Building, Tank Fabrication, Permanent Scaffolding.

Light Industry:  Fabrication Shops, Small Craft, Gates, Storage, Film, Set Dec, Scenery, Stage Craft, Costume Props.

Home Businesses: Art, Crafts, Sculpture, Furniture, Storage, Lighting….

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Custom Machined Fittings – in Aluminum!

Large diameter aluminum fittings, for use with aluminum pipe sizes over 8″ in diameter, can be difficult to find. We have figured out a couple of help you to get what you need, in the quantity you need it in!

10″ x 6″ Concentric Reducer, Sch 40, 6061-T6, Machined Aluminum Forging – approximately 16 lbs. Made in Canada from Domestic Aluminum.

This 10″ x 6″ Concentric Reducer was manufacturer in Canada from forged aluminum – typically, only aluminum flanges cut from forged 6061-T6 but we also have eccentric reducers, caps and socket weld couplings cut from this very versatile alloy. These reducers are stamped with traceable heat numbers – just like flanges! They weigh in at about 16 lbs a piece which is almost double the American made concentric reducers (at 8.6 lbs each) – those are made from seamless 6061-T6. Different processes, different weights… The heavier Canadian reducers have a thicker wall through the body. If doubling the weight is not a concern, you have a choice! If the weight is a concern, we have an American manufacturer of concentric (and eccentric) reducers that we can call on for you.

6″ Stub End, Sch 40, 6061-T6. Made in the USA from Domestic Aluminum.

Custom ordered items such as stub ends can often be imported from the USA. Made from domestic aluminum, fittings such as stub ends are often ready to be shipped from American manufacturers and be available for your crew to begin welding within about 8 to 10 days. If we need to get these made for you it could take a bit longer.

So, choices…. We specialize in finding the aluminum (and other alloy) products that you need to do your job right! Send us a note or an rfq and we will get to work finding the right products for your next project!

MetalCraftSupplies or 1 – 778 – 288 – 6921

Aluminum Couplers x 3 Wall Thicknesses

Did you know that aluminum couplers are available with three wall thicknesses?

  • Standard, NPT
  • 1-1/2 x Standard, NPT
  • 2 x Standard, NPT

also available in:

  • Socket Weld
  • NPT x Socket Weld
  • Reducing

All three wall thicknesses have internal threads with a 150# rating. All three are cut from 6061-T6 Seamless Aluminum. And, all three have great weldability. But, which one to choose?

Standard Wall Couplers are commonly used in small tanks. Consider these fittings for low pressure rated tanks (pressures under 150 psi).

2 x Standard Wall Couplers are known by several names. 3000# couplers, Sch 80 couplers, extra heavy couplers… The 3000# is a misnomer. Aluminum threads, cut into 6061-T6 fittings are good for working pressures of up to 150 psi. To make these extra-heavy wall couplers capable of standing up to higher pressures the coupler must first be welded and then the weld can be tested to the higher pressure rating. Sch 80 pipe can be used with all three wall thicknesses – they are all cut to accommodate the outside diameter of standard schedule pipe sizes.

1-1/2 x Standard Wall Couplers are not only in an in-between size, they are economical! When you need a fitting that is heavier than Standard but you don’t need the full 2 x Wall…. This is the one to choose. The wall is thick enough that you can weld them in and have them tested to a higher pressure rating than the Standard wall and you don’t have the bulk of the 2 x Wall. These couplers are also excellent for use as thru-hulls fittings.

… and, if you need something that doesn’t have thread or that reduces, we can usually get that for you! We specialize in getting the custom cut fittings that you need for your jobs.

Contact us for a quote at: or, 1 778 708 0454

Adding a Few More of those Difficult to Find Fittings – into Inventory!

Most of the time, Aluminum Fittings are fairly easy to find – if you are looking for elbows or couplers…  Then there are those pieces that are just much more difficult to find.  We are not only finding them, we are stocking (some) of them and we will get you accurate lead times on the rest.


Street Elbows – Cast Aluminum (356-F), Short Radius, Male x Female, NPT, 90 degree & 45 degree – Available in pipe sizes from 1/8″ to 6″ – If we do not  have the size you need, we can most likely bring it in for you.



Reducing Tees – Cast Aluminum (356-F), Short Radius, NPT – Available in pipe sizes from 1/2″ to 6″.  Reducing Elbows – Cast Aluminum (356-F), Short Radius, 90 degree, NPT – Available in Pipe Sizes from 1/2″ to 4″

Reducing Fittings reduce the need for extra fittings and connections.  Saving time (and thereby expense) in both initial use and maintenance.

Not a lot of stock on the Reducing Fittings, yet…  If we do not have the size you need, we can likely bring it in for you.  Please send an email ( or give us a call (778-288-6921) for P&D on these and other fittings.


Aluminum, 6061-T6, Off Cuts

We have just purchased some (approximately 1/2 of a ton) aluminum off-cuts. The off-cuts are 6061-T6 & 6063-T5 and all of these off-cuts will be offered, on a per piece basis, in our Etsy shop.

If you need just a small amount 2, 5, 13-1/2 feet….  or, some similarly difficult to find short length, we may have what you need.

  • Pipe, Sch 40  20171028_115247
  • Angle
  • Channel
  • Tube – Rectangular, Square & Round
  • Flat Bar

For full lengths of Aluminum Pipe, Channel, Angle, Tube (Square and Round), please send us your request for quote.



We will be listing this aluminum over the next 2 weeks.  Please check back or send us a note.  If you don’t see the piece that you need, we might have or, be able to cut it for you….



We can also bring in full lengths, usually within a few days.

1 788 288 6921

1/4″ Sch 40, 6061-T6

Small diameter aluminum pipe can be thought of as a casualty of hard times.  When new builds are not on the books and even maintenance is being put off, for the time…  small diameter aluminum pipe, and other extrusions, can disappear from the workplace and even from the mills.

Why?  Weight.

A mill order is generally calculated by weight.  This is easy when the pipe is a significant size: 2″ or 3″ pipe is easy to find, hence, a relatively realistic purchasing weight is available for those wanting to place mill orders.

This realistic weight is usually in the 1,000 lb. range.  When we start talking about the smaller diameter pipe though, the mill order quantity does not go down.  It remains at 1,000 lbs.  This means that 300 to 400 lengths of 1/4″ pipe have to be ordered.  That is a lot of linear feet!  When sales are slow, this is not a realistic number and, this is why the big suppliers of pipe are not always willing to carry the smaller diameters.  Depending on the market, it can take too long to sell the mill quantity or, translated, the accountants are often unhappy with mill order quantity purchases of small diameter pipe.


Our first Mill Order of 1/4″, Sch 40, 6061-T6 pipe (we did not ask our accountant about this!) is due to arrive the week of December 11, 2017.

We are accepting requests for quotes and pre-orders for both the Pipe and Pipe Nipples (NPT).

Buttweld Fittings, Aluminum, Sch 40 & 80, 6061-T6: Information, Specifications & List Prices

Aluminum Buttweld Fittings – There are sizes that are on-the-shelf basics for a welding or fabrication shop that works with aluminum and then….  there are those pieces that will just make things so much easier, if they could be found.


There are a lot of pieces on the linked spreadsheet.  We do not stock everything – the list of what we do stock is growing!  There are  many more pieces that we can source or have made for you.

Buttweld Fittings – Spec Sheet

Please Note that Prices can change without notice.  Have us quote price and availability for you.  Quoted prices will be held for 2 weeks.



Elbows, 45 deg & 90 deg, Sch 40 & Sch 80

These are Seamless Fittings.  Manufactured in the USA.  Stamped with Heat Numbers and the MTR’s are available, for the asking, with your invoice.




Tees, Sch 40 & Sch 80

These may be either Seamless or Welded.  Both are made in the USA, tested and stamped with Heat Numbers.  MTR’s are available, for the asking, after purchase.



Whether you are a reseller or an end user, for discounts, availability and shipping information, please contact us at or call us at 778 288 6921

Bullet or Weld Hinges: Information, Specifications & List Prices

BULLET HINGES (aka Weld Hinges):  il_fullxfull-1297221913_8g6b

The link below opens a spreadsheet that has some of the specifications – and answers some of the most common questions that, over the years, we have been asked.  How much?  How long?  OD?  If we have missed something that you need to know, please let us know….

Bullet Hinges – Spec Sheet with List Prices  –  Please Not that List Prices can change without notice, please contact us for a quote.

To purchase now, please visit us at:



These Hinges are available in a variety of alloys including aluminum, plain steel and stainless steel.  Selected sizes of the plain steel hinges are available with a removable pin.  Selected sizes of the aluminum and plain steel hinges are available with grease fittings.



Whether you are a reseller or an end user, for discounts, availability and shipping information, please contact us at or call us at 778 288 6921

Couplings: Information, Specifications & List Prices

ALUMINUM COUPLINGS  il_fullxfull-1123440381_odwe

The link below opens a spreadsheet that has some of the most relevant of the specifications – and answers some of the most common questions that, over the years, we have been asked.  How much?  How long?  OD?  If we have missed something that you need to know, please let us know….

Couplings, Threaded (NPT) – Aluminum – List Prices and Specifications  –  List prices can change without notice, please contact us for a quote.

To purchase now, please visit us at:



Whether you are a reseller or an end user, for discounts, availability and shipping information, please contact us at or call us at 778 288 6921




Aluminum Slip-On Flanges, 6061-T6 – Line Card

Excellent quality aluminum flanges, made in Canada by Maass Flange & Fitting Inc.

  • Brand:  Maass
  • Made in Ontario, Canada
  • 6061-T6 Aluminum – Weldable
  • Made and Tested in Accordance with ASTM B247
  • Dimensionally in Accordance with ANSI B16.5
  • 150# Flanges in Imperial Sizes are on the Shelf
  • Metric Sizes are Available by Special Order
  • MTR’s Available by Request, with Order


Slip-On Flanges, 6061-T6

  • Industrial Pipe Fittings
  • Pressure Ratings:  75# and up
    • 150# Rated Flanges are On the Shelf
    • Other Ratings Available by Special Order
  • Made to work with Sch 40 & Sch 80 Pipe
    • Let us know if you are using Tube
  • In Stock Items are Usually Available for Same or Next Day Shipping
  • 1/2″  – 3.5″ OD x 7/8″ Bore, 4 Bolt Holes, 0.35 lbs.
  • 3/4″ – 3-7/8″ OD x 3/32″ Bore, 4 Bolt Holes, 0.70 lbs.
  • 1″ – 4-1/4″ OD x 1-23/64″ Bore, 4 Bolt Holes, 0.70 lbs.
  • 1-1/4″ – 4-5/8″ OD x 1-45/64″ Bore, 4 Bolt Holes, 1.00 lbs.
  • 1-1/2″ – 5″ OD x 1-61/64″ Bore, 4 Bolt Holes, 1.00 lbs.
  • 2″ – 6″ OD x 2-7/16″ Bore, 4 Bolt Holes, 1.75 lbs.
  • 2-1/2″ – 7″ OD x 2-15/16″ Bore, 4 Bolt Holes, 2.45 lbs.
  • 3″ – 7-1/2″ OD x 3-37/64″ Bore, 4 Bolt Holes, 2.80 lbs.
  • 3-1/2″ – 8-1/2″ OD x 4-5/64″ Bore, 8 Bolt Holes, 3.85 lbs.
  • 4″ – 9″ OD x 4-37/64″ Bore, 8 Bolt Holes, 4.55 lbs.
  • 5″ – 10″ OD x 5-21/32″ Bore, 8 Bolt Holes, 5.25 lbs.
  • 6″ – 11″ OD x 6-23/32 Bore, 8 Bolt Holes, 6.65 lbs.
  • 8″ – 13-1/2″ OD x 8-23/32″ Bore, 8 Bolt Holes, 10.50 lbs.
  • 10″ – 16″ OD x 10-7/8″ Bore, 12 Bolt Holes, 15.05 lbs.
  • 12″ – 19″ OD x 12-7/8″ Bore, 12 Bolt Holes, 22.40 lbs.

Slip-On Flanges up to 12″ are usually In Stock and can be shipped to you, same or next day.  Please click on the links above for price and discount information.  For a quote, please send an e-mail to the address below.

For Flanges Larger than 12″, please send a request for quote.

More specs are available.  All measurements given here are approximate.  For exact measurements and other specifications, please contact us.  All weights are approximate and are provided for shipping purposes only. or call/text us at: 778 288 6921